The Vacuum Degassing process is widely used in the steel

07/06/2013 17:48

In the first stage the coke is created and heating the coal with the help of coke oven and in the next step the heats coke is putting it into the blast furnace including the limestone, sinter and the iron ore Vacuum Degassing. All the components is heated about 850 degree centigrade. During this process the impurities is flout into the jar. The second stage of the steel making process is the molten iron is put through the basic oxygen furnace. The Molten Iron, Lime and Scrap Metals are additional to the Oxygen Furnace with Oxygen added.

Basically the degassing process is used in the big industries and the companies. The Vacuum Degassing process is widely used in the steel and the wine making process. The main work of this process is to remove the air or the gases with the help of liquefied materials like water. Three processes are primarily used in the Vacuum Degassing treatments such as stream degassing, recalculation degassing and the vacuum degassing.

The degassing process is also used in the wine making companies because so many impurities came during the maker of wine. So the manufacturers used this process for reduce the impurities including the carbon di oxide and the other gases impurities. On the other hand the Vacuum Degassing is the used in the steel making process. The steel making process completes in complicated and completes in three different stages. Here we will discuss briefly of the steel making process.


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