George Parker founded the Parker Pens Company

05/07/2013 16:07

Parker pens are a very popular brand name pen used often for corporate promotion. Ever since 1891 when George Parker founded the Parker Pens Company, the company has been known for its high quality or branded writing or showing products. Parker pens are obtainable or accessible in many different price brackets and are an excellent gift if you are really trying to impress your customer.

We all are acquainted with how popular or famous the brand of the Parker Pen is. In actual fact, there are so many people who prefer to use this brand of pen all over USA, and even in other parts of the world. There is really one particular reason that is worth declaring or defining as to why the brand of Parker has become so strong or   powerful in the industry of pens. Before this reason is released, it would be suitable to discuss or describe the modest early stages of the pen manufacturing industry in America. 

As with all promotional pens, Parker Pens are brilliant for getting your name in frontage of your customer. When they accept this well respected brand pen, they will be grateful for your signal or indication very much. Your customer will maintain or keep the pen for years. It is also trouble-free to find Parker refills on the high street when the large capacity Parker refill finally runs dry. Pens with easily replaced refills are kept for many years and as they are engraved your logo or symbol and details with full information should remain on the pen for many years to come continuing to promote your company.

The lucky arc which was a chief introduction by the Parker Pens Company was used path up till 1929. This technique occupied an ink sac that was used to fit he portion of the feed in, to make sure the feed contact with the sac. Today the Parker eyedropper filled pens are considered to be exceptional and exquisite; there are many versions that come along with it. The introduction or definition of pen took the Company to another level of success or victory. . If you are looking for a perfect thank you gift for your customers or employees, the pricey Parker Frontier Roller ball and the Parker Sonnet Fountain or Ball pen are excellent choices. They are both manufactured in stainless steel and look very nice imprinted with a parker logo.


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