Database administrator Skills and knowledge

05/03/2013 16:03

The oracle language is important for database administrative job. Database jobs available in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. today the jobs are available with the subject related jobs. fsiblog is a medium where you get database administrative job, software related jobs, IT jobs, management job, accountant job, BPO job, pharmaceutical jobs. Our expert is present in every city to get information and transferring the branch then we update here before two or more day ago. You can find jobs in any state of India the job information are available free of cost. fsiblog introduce the latest jobs of administrator you can contact with him and get confirmation. To be able to do this job you should have an excellent understanding of computer systems. You will need a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. You will also need strong problem-solving and organizational skills.

* An excellent understanding of database systems

* A high level of accuracy and attention to detail

* Strong problem-solving and organization skills

* The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

* Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiating skills

Entry requirements: - For most database administrator job, you would need to know how to use structured query language (SQL) and database management systems (DBMS), which include: Relational database management systems, Bject-oriented database management systems, XML database management systems.

A sector trend is the convergence of telecommunications, computing and networking and the move from hardware intensive to software intensive platforms. Embedded voice communications capability is already part of the internet, which also has to manage voice, data and video and location information.


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