A kasse is at present the society of Danish

27/06/2013 11:11

For having new connection they suffer serious time or era between they goes down and more down Collapse come into view, and they will be felting union trade of country. Specialist hope as there is modified in the society of Danish. When it goes down then it support for the trade union of Danish. Many of the members increase and get their goal but after they will fallen and get decline will be increase.

And now only 1.1% members of Danish organization of employee than before years of organization. 2,027,200 Danes related with the union trade of Danish in the year of January 2012. There is a huge decrement of 22,300 employees within only one year trade a-kasse. In that path of union trade of continuous going down tendency, crisis attack over increase at LO and FTF by these two falls in the quantity of members.

We see that only a handful of people take the membership of union because of the inclusion of so many complexities in it. But because of their non membership they remain relatively unfamiliar with several major aspects of union member. After some year ago Denmark is a industrial area but billig a-kasse is at present the society of Danish is fully and financially belongs to service class. That they show the way to haziness work of frame in the field of profession. Unorganized service society is increase when we have seen more and more national curriculum. Danish people originally work for the term that was constant about its contract.


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